Mattress Tape and Trim

May 10, 2017

Mattress tape and decorative trim is coming into popularity with new styles and features. This small space is packed with design features and function.  Mattress tape is now fashionable as jewelry is to clothing. Upgraded mattresses will feature more and more trim and have both tape and handles. 


Mattress Tape, Binding Tape, Closing Tape - is the element that finishes a mattress and adds a unique touch of color, texture, or branding.



Mattress Footers - Can help attract customers with bright colors and logos. Keeps mattresses clean from dirt and wear while customers can rest test the products.







No Fray, No Pilling


Flock mattress tapes are easy to cut and sew. The edges do not fray and the flock fabric does not pill. It provides a soft touch. 

Easy to sew, cut and trim- All good attributes if you are a mattress tape manufacturer on down to a tape edge sewing machine operator. 




Custom Colors and Design


Custom designs, colors, textures, and patterns. The sky is the limit as these can all be custom matched/ engineered to the needs of the manufacturer and end uses. 


Flock mattress tapes provide a unique ability of colors and designs. The tapes can be designed with custom embossing, flock prints, textures or patterns. Custom logos can also be created.


Custom Widths - available for different mattress sizes.  


"The Flock velour provides a unique look for the mattresses" says Rajesh Shah, VP of Spectro Coating Corp. "With unlimited color and designs, it allows the mattress to standout. Its easy to work with and is very durable."






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