Flock University 4th Edition - Flock and Tech

Spectro Coating and Claremont Flock fibers are on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to new markets for engineered flock products. We can engineer a product that makes a great putting green surface. We have the experience to put together impact resistant material suitable for protective wear. Mattress tape and decorative trim is coming into popularity with new styles and features. Polishing pads that are used in fine polishing. Decorative ribbon in vivid colors and patterns that look 3 dimensional

Security fibers are also a large market. The need for security is ever increasing and staying one step ahead of the challenges inherent in this industry.

Fibers are probably the most common yet effective security component in paper. Claremont Flock offers a wide variety of security fiber products. Some types of fibers are UV visible or are visible in daylight. The manufacturers disperse and embed the security fiber into the paper during production making the paper non reproducible. This important and often overlooked feature is implemented in everything from bank notes to passports, lottery tickets and stamps.

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