Nylon Velvet


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We stock 4 products for the Apparel and Display market – Nylon Velvet, Acrylic, Europa Suede Rayon Single, and Europa Suede Double Face. These are used in graduation gowns, evening coats, ladies wear, fringe, packaging, jewelry boxes, pouches, bags, picture frames, pillows, toys, and many other applications. Made from 100% recycled flock on 100% recycled fabrics!


Easy to clean.


For worry free maintenance throughout the life of the product, Nylon Velvet is machine washable and dry cleanable. 

Available Sizes


Fibers are flocked on a lightweight poly/cotton fabric that is easy to sew and form. The materials are also machine washable and dry cleanable. Nylon Velvet rolls are available in 58” useable widths and 75-yard piece lengths.


Custom Colors


Custom colors can be matched and made at mill minimums. Colors may vary due to the monitor you are using. Ask for samples or color cards. We ship upon request.


Environmentally Friendly


Spectro Coating prides itself on being a good steward of the environment. Nylon Velvet fabrics are made in the USA with domestic raw materials. We only use water based, low VOC chemicals. Nylon Velvet fabrics have a much smaller carbon footprint than imported fabrics that travel so far to reach our markets.

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