Spectro Coating

Ribbon, Banners, Point of Sale Displays, Promotional

Flock is used in many decorative markets to create an added value. The ability to add texture, color and design is unique. 

Flock ribbon is found in flowers, bows, gift boxes and many other areas. We can flock polypropylene, polyethylene, holographic and metallized films, nonwovens, and fabrics. 

Flock banners can be designed for any holiday or occasion. We can print flock, glitter or both in the pattern and color you need to give the unique design your project needs.

Need to create the right background and environment for your Point of Sale Displays. Let us help you create the right design for your product. We can use flock, glitter, glass beads, iridescent, glow in the dark, and other embellishments to bring your product to life. Add texture, color, logos, patterns to bring it to the next level.

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