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Short Cut Fibers Capabilities

Wide Range of Capabilities

For close to 100 years, Claremont Flock has been providing innovative engineered solutions in short cut flock fibers. We service a wide array of industries and are always looking for the next challenge.

Our range of equipment allows us to process various fibers to your custom needs. We have various types of cutting equipment to cut fibers to the sizes you need. We can grind cotton or other staple fibers, and even take fabric cuttings to recycle and grind these down. We have a full dye house to dye fibers to any color and have various technologies to dye fibers for technical uses. These fibers can then be finished to give various characteristics – dispersion, electrostatic flocking, bulk, etc. 

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Our Capabilities

We have a variety of cutting precision and random cutting processes. Our precision cutting includes guillitine cutters and rotary cutters. We can cut continuous filament from .015″ (0.38mm) to .250″ (6.35mm).

​Our random cutting can take staple fibers, textile clippings and tread waste down to a much smaller size. Typical random fiber distribution will result in 80% of the fiber lengths within ± 30% of the target length.  More intense screening can reduce the distribution of fiber lengths as required.

We have a complete dyehouse for dyeing and finishing of most fibers. We can color match in our lab and get you the color you need. Our wet processing capabilities allow us to add various finishes to the fibers for AC or DC flocking, dispersion, security, and other applications.

We have batch and continuous dyeing capabilities. With our experience and expertise we have the knowledge and relationships to get the dyes and finishes that your products need.

Our modern dye house is ready to offer dyed and finished short cut flock and fiber to meet your specific requirements. Whether your end use requires a bright, semi-bright, dull, or semi-dull finish, the team at Claremont is up to the task. Ask one of our representatives for more information.

Our extractors are able to take and dry fiber to a set moisture percentage. This is helpful when customer specifications call for a product to be dried and packaged. This step in the process also ensures customers pay for the weight of their product and not excess moisture.

Claremont Flock cares about our environment. We provide environmentally friendly packaging solutions for our products. We work closely with our customers to maximize use of space while minimizing waste and maintaining accuracy in weight. We also provide custom packaging solutions depending on customers needs and volume solutions. We currently offer the following types of packaging:

  • Polypropylene bags, EVA (low melt bags) 
  • Specialty Black Out bags, Paper bags, Super Sacks, Bulk Boxes (Gaylord), 
  • In Bales, Other specialty packaging.

Our Quality Control lab has many capabilities to ensure products meet desired specifications laid out by our clients. We work hand in hand with our clients to produce a quality product at the right price.

Samples are taken regularly from batches and tested to ensure cutting equipment is meeting the specification parameters of our customers. Length and shape of fibers are taken into account to make sure that precision is maintained and fiber length remains within tight tolerances. Other tests including sift testing, electrostatic dispersion, moisture retention, abrasion testing, color fade resistance, and wear tests.

Claremont Flock also has advanced equipment and testing methods to ensure quality in our products. Flourescent and UV visible fibers are tested for use in security applications. Other tests may be performed at partner laboratories including weather and temperature testing.

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