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Flock Tape

Backed by Spectro Coating Corp, American Flock Tape brings over 75 years of experience in flocking to the custom slit tapes market for the automotive, marine, medical, industrial and high tech markets. 

The only Vertically Integrated Flock Tape Manufacturer 

Manufactured in the USA

ISO 9001:2019 and Minority Business Certified.


At AFT we can slit and convert to your needs. We have traditional slitting machines and traverse spooling. The traverse spooling allows us to wind several 1000 meters onto one spool. Our automotive flock tape passes OEM specifications and is custom slit to end requirements. Our products are manufactured under ISO standards and with environmentally friendly water-based adhesives. We are Minority Business Certified and are the only USA manufacturer of automotive flock tape.  


Custom Spools

Spools at high lengths with minimum seams, slit to custom widths.

Environmentally Conscience

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Don’t hesitate to contact us
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