Spectro Coating

Flocked Goods for Military Applications

Flock adds incredible versatility, durability, functionality, and environmental protection to military apparel, gloves, protective equipment covers, and specialized military products. 

Products such as Transhield ArmorDillo ® Covers are at work right now extending the service life of equipment used by our armed forces. 

Flock can be used to create breathable coatings that add fire-resistance, insulation, and UV protection. Flock can make apparel warm, comfortable, snag-resistant, water-repellent, printable, washable, and easy to clean.

Having the right camouflage pattern is just as important as having features like ripstop fabric, fire and chemical resistance, water repellant, and snag resistance, all with load carrying capability. Military backpacks, canvas covers, uniforms, bags, and accessories can all be made from Spectro flocked materials.

Spectro coated fabrics are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure product durability and performance under environmental stresses. We aim to provide only the best equipment to our servicemen and women. Contact us today for minimum order quantities and samples.

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