Spectro Coating

Flocked Medical Products

Flocking is used in a wide array of Medical Products. The products are designed for comfort and application.

Some areas where flock is used:

  • Flocking on PVC or Urethane films to provide comfort on inflatable products such as casts, mattresses, blood pressure cuffs. Flock provides a soft textile surface against the skin and breathability reducing the build up of moisture. These products can also be thermoformed.
  • Swabs, filtration, forensics – flock picks up and hold liquid while reducing the discomfort of the patient.
  • Flock pad for incubation tubes allowing for comfort and moisture management, reducing ulcers and macerations.
  • Anti-Slip between motion beds and the mattress. Flock has a high surface area and is interlocked to reduce slippage. Unlike hook and loop systems, flock provides no resistance in the z axis, allowing staff to easily move patients with the mattress.
  • Medical Gowns for anti-slip making it easier to tie the gowns.

We also have the capabilities to provide barrier coatings, anti-microbial products, anti-viral products, and other added value features to our flocked products or without flock.

We commission flock on many materials and look forward to discussing your materials and products.

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