Flocking in Medical Applications



Wrist Brace
  • Therapeutic Cushions and Pillows

  • Inflatable Casts

  • Brushing & Cleaning products

  • Sterile Swabs

Flocked swabs are one other product people hardly give a second thought about. However, There are many differnt types of swabs on the market. What makes flocked swabs superior to the competition is that they are engineered for specimen collection. The types of spun fiber swabs used in the past are outdated because most of the usable specimen collected remains trapped in the compressed fibers of the swab and cannot be easily transferred for testing. Flocked swabs have the ability to collect and release specimens more efficiently, while retaining viability of the specimen. you can read more information about this product from Puritan Medical's blog here.

There is a whole array of medical products that flock is used in. These products are engineered to be cost effective and disposable. The soft cotton flock is ideal for comfort and extended use. The inflatables made from this combination of cotton flock and vinyl base are soft, easy to clean, and can be used for extended lengths of time. They also address challenges faced by health care practicioners in reducing pressure ulcers or bed sores in patients. Patients have been able to reduce or eliminate pressure ulcers using wheelchair cushions and bedding that "floats" the patient allowing for even weight distribution. Patients can buy these products on their own or have them prescribed by a doctor. You can read more about the impact of these products on EHOB Inc.'s  blog page.

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