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Grip N’ Glide


Our customer, a global furniture manufacturer, was looking for a new solution to reduce slipping and sliding mattresses and cushions.


Using our deep knowledge of flock fibers, Spectro Coating developed a novel substitute for the traditional hook and loop systems most bedding and furniture manufacturers use.

Traditional locking mechanisms often result in unwanted resistance, noise, abrasion, clinging, or other issues that detract from the customer experience. Spectro’s Grip N’ Glide flock solution has no such issues.


Flock fibers provided a locking system in the x-axis, but don’t lock in the y-axis. When designed with the right size fibers for your application, the flock will anchor into a surface and will not move around. When you need to move the material you easily lift it off, offering no resistance.

The flock fibers can also be given an angle. This allows resistance in one direction, but easy release in the other direction. So if you raise one end of bed and angle the fibers the bed will not slide down.

In medical applications, this approach would prevent the patient from sliding off the bed, but if the patient needs to be moved, the mattress or sheets could be lifted with no resistance. In a hook and loop system, you would have to “tear” the mattress away from the base.


As you can see in the diagrams, custom designs, colors and patterns can also help you differentiate your product.

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