Spectro Coating

Battery Pasting Fibers

Short cut fibers are used in lead acid batteries. The fibers are mixed with the pasting applied to the lead plate. The fibers provide a reinforcement inside the pasting, prevent cracking of the pasting, allow the pasting to better coat the lead plate, and improve long term durability and wear of the battery. The fibers are resistant to chemical solvents, bases and acids and tested for impurities that could interfere with the performance of the battery.

At Claremont Flock, our short cut fibers are cut to specification. They provide maximum ease of dispersion and uniformity. These fibers are quality checked to rigid specifications to eliminate fusions and clumping. We offer polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, mod acrylic and other specialty fibers. Our precision cutting process eliminates waste and provides a superior product, keeping costs lower for our customers. Our fibers are specified by many of the largest battery manufacturers worldwide. 

Our experts can give reliable advice on selecting the product best suited to your application. Products in stock usually ship on demand while custom products have order minimums. Contact us today for more information.

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