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Paper Products & Security Fibers

One of the most common and effective strategies for making your paper products difficult to replicate is the use of security fibers. Security fibers are materials that are added during the paper manufacturing process. Fibers are a cost-effective security method that has been used for decades. Because they can be embedded into the paper document, they are impossible to remove without damaging the paper itself. The fibers are also visibly random in the paper.

Security fibers can be integrated into countless paper or mixed-material documents. Common and well-known examples include government materials like money and passports, but security fibers are also found in checks, anti-counterfeiting labels, packaging, plastics, lottery tickets, stamps, and nonwovens.

Fiber can also be added to plastics, coatings, nonwovens, and other applications. The fibers can add another level of anti-counterfeiting technology. These fibers be a decorative feature to the unsuspecting eye, but when examining, they can expose the fake products. Fibers can also be invisible and only fluoresce when exposed to UV light.

The short cut fiber can be a certain diameter and can be cut to any desired length and embedded and dispersed into the material. While most fibers are rayon, nylon or cotton, we can also provide specialty fibers for your specific application. We have our own dye house and color matching capabilities to provide you custom solution. 

Our experts can give reliable advice on selecting the product best suited to your application.

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