Spectro Coating

Plastics & Resins

Flock is used in many plastics to add dimensional strength or reinforce the structure and can also allow for even and uniform settling of molds and resins. 

Our short cut fibers are also added to provide a decorative touch. By adding colored fibers to plastics or resins, like those used in countertops or flooring, you can achieve a unique decorative look.

We can cut natural fibers, that are from renewable sources and are biodegradable, that can hold up to the molding temperature without melting. The fibers are offered in different diameters and can be precision length you need for you application. We have full dyes house and color matching capabilities to get the look you need.

Our experts can give reliable advice on selecting the product best suited to your application. Contact Claremont Flock today to learn more about our flock products used in these types of applications.

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