Spectro Coating

Rubber Compounding

Fibers are used in materials to provide strength, durability, decorative and other functionality. We manufacture short cut fibers designed to blend easily into the material when compounded. 

Fibers are added in the rubber manufacturing process. The fibers disperse easily and in the finish product the fibers add resilience to increase the durability and life of the product. The fibers can help prevent cracking over time. Fibers are also added to products such as the rubber highway tape used during construction. 

In the manufacturing of composites – fibers are mixed into the resin. The fibers add strength, prevent the resin from cracking and add flexibility. Our natural fibers (bio fibers) can also be used in many applications. 

In all these applications fibers can be added without adding high costs, weight, and in many cases, can come from natural, renewable, or biodegradable resources. 

We custom cut nylon, polyester, viscose, cotton, acrylic and other performance fibers from .5 mm and up. We can add finishes for dispersion, electrical charge, or other characteristics. Our dyes house allows us to dye most fibers in the color you require. 

Our experts can give reliable advice on selecting the product best suited to your application. Contact Claremont Flock today to learn more about our flock products used in these types of applications.

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