Spectro Coating

Year in Review

Yet another crazy year is in the books. As we all continue on with the pandemic, we are hopefully on our way to adjusting to a new way of life. We continue to battle with price increase across the board, shortages and deliveries, shipping, and workforce issues, and many of the same issues the entire business community is fighting. Thankfully, our experienced workforce, dedicated employees, and investments in alternative energy supplies have helped us continue to provide the high-quality products and services that we pride ourselves on.

We were able to rework and bring online a new flocking range to run thick films including polystyrene and Rpet. These films are used primarily in the packaging industry. We are running products from 15 mils up to 60 mils in thickness up to 66” inches wide. We can also add glitter to these products, print flock designs, or glitter designs. 

Some other developments include 

  • Commercializing our stretch products – we can now flock on stretch materials including fabric and films. These products can pass wash testing. 
  • Cooling effects and Temperature management through PCM and Wicking technologies.
  • FDA approved fibers that help increase improves local circulation and cellular oxygenation, giving you stronger performance, faster recovery, and better sleep.
  • Vivid – our dye sublimation printable flock fabric using a new polyester fiber that stays white 
  • Waterless water repellent finish chemistry 

One the continued effort to become more environmentally friendly we were able to

  • Source biodegradable fibers (viscose, nylon, hemp, sisal, wool and others) that will be in showing up in future apparel and packaging products
  • Biodegradable adhesives for the packaging industry
  • Added a solar hot water system to preheat our process water for fiber dyeing and finishing. We can use less natural gas and increase our production capacity as it allows us to start our equipment up faster.
  • Development of adhesives with lower cure temperatures allowing us to reduce our oven heats in the flocking process and in turn, reducing our natural gas usage

Our Claremont Flock division continues to find new opportunities in short-cut fibers in fillers, apparel flocking, filtration, reinforcement, automotive, and other markets. The interest in new green and biodegradable products for these markets has increased significantly. 

Our American Flock Tape (AFT) Division, which converts material by slitting, sheeting, and spooling, continues to find more opportunities. AFT’s main business is to spool flock tape film used in the window sealing systems in cars, trucks, and other automotive transportation. As customers have seen our expertise and quality it has allowed us to pick up business in converting metalized tapes for the automotive and marine industry, safety products, and medical products. 

We would like to wish everyone happy holidays and Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2022.