Spectro Coating

Over 25% cooling effect!

Finding a way to cool and keep a thermo regulated environment is important for many people and applications. Novel technologies including phase changing materials (pcm) and wicking materials are used to increase performance, achieve a better night of sleep, by keeping a medical product cooler longer, added to construction materials to reduce energy usage, and in the cooling of electronics.

PCM technology works by absorbing heat and releasing it through encapsulated beads. The materials inside the beads are solid and as they absorb heat, they turn liquid. As they release heat the encapsulated materials turn back to solids. This phase change works in a cycle to help regulate your body temperature.

Another method to increase the cooling effect is through wicking. Moisture or humidity are pulled away from the body, usually through the specially designed polymers that are applied to the surface of the fabric. Mechanical methods can also be used, by designing the fibers with channels or other means. By moving the moisture away from the body, a cooling effect is felt.

By combining these PCM technologies and wicking properties in a flocked product we can achieve cooling effects over 25% when compared to a standard flock product. We can create a microenvironment within the flocked fabric that help regulate and control your body temperature. The PCM technology is incorporated in the substrate or the flocking adhesive. The wicking technology is incorporated in the fiber surface. The flock also provides a pocket of air that between the skin and fabric. This combination of technologies help create this comfortable environment for the wearer.

Using our capabilities, we have in coating and flocking we can create unique products for your applications. We can emboss the flocked materials with unique texture, designs, or patterns. We can spot flock with your custom logo or design. We can flock on wovens, knits, nonwovens, various plastic films, foams, and other substrates. Need to water repellants or another surface finish, we can do that also.

Please reach out to us at 978-534-1800 or fill out the contact form on our website. We would like to hear more about your ideas on how cooling technologies and flock can help you. We can help build a custom engineered solution for your specific application.