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Value up your Thermoformed Products with Flocking

Thermoformed Products with Flocking

Thermoformed plastics are used every day in various packaging and protective applications. These are used to hold and protect items such as cosmetics, liquor bottles, instruments, and delicate parts. In automotive applications, you’ve undoubtedly seen them in coin trays, glove boxes, and trunks.

These plastics can be made from polystyrene, rpet, abs, polycarbonate, polyurethane, and other materials. These plastics can achieve their dimensions by vacuum forming or pressure forming the plastics. In vacuum forming the plastic is heated and fitted around the mold a powerful vacuum is used to suction out any air between the plastic and mold, pulling it firmly against the shape of the mold. In pressure forming the plastic is headed and higher pressure is used to shape the plastic around the mold. Pressure forming allows you to achieve sharper corners and edges verse vacuum forming.

Benefits of Flocking

By flocking these various forms of plastic sheets, you can achieve several added-value characteristics. Flocking is the process of electrostatically coating short-cut fibers to a surface. The fibers are held to the surface with glue and are aligned perpendicular to the plastic surface. This provides a soft velvet or suede hand and feel to the plastic. When thermoformed the glue and fibers move with the plastic surface such that the flocked surface can be formed into the desired shapes.

The flock fibers can be acrylic, rayon, polyester, or nylon fibers. They can be made to different sizes depending on the feel that is desired. The fibers can also be dyed into any custom colors to match that may be required.

Want to add some further customization that will allow your product to stand out. Take a look at our ability to print flock and embossing capabilities. We can print or emboss logos, textures, and patterns that will allow you to promote your product and allow it to achieve a new level of design.

Another way to add some pizzaz to these products is to add glitter. The glitter is added to the coating and applied to the surface. The adhesive is thermoplastic and moves with the plastic film. The glitter can be also added in patterns or logos. Flock the back to add a background color, and the flock will allow the thermoforms to easily separate when stacking and packaging.

Need a greener product? Please reach out to us to discuss the options. We have recycled fibers and biodegradable options available as well as adhesives that can be recycled. We can flock on rpet or other recyclable films. Our adhesives are all water-based with low VOC’s.

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